Thursday, June 23, 2022

HATTIE'S LONGING by Author Lynn A. Coleman **Book Birthday** **Land Run Mail-Order Brides**

Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads! Today, we’ll be featuring Hattie's Longing, by author Lynn A. Coleman, the seventh book in the new Land Run Mail-Order Brides multi-author series. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be sharing all twelve books in this wonderful new sweet/inspirational, western historical romance series set among the Oklahoma Land Runs from the late 1800s. Sit back, and enjoy a sneak peek!

Widowed and with a son to support, Hatti Duffy feels she has no alternative but to answer an advertisement for a wife. Oscar Blue wants, no needs, a wife to successfully homestead in the new Oklahoma territory. Hatti Duffy answers his ad and can arrive in time for the Land Run.

Emotions run high as everyone rushes off to find their homestead. Oscar has mapped out where he would like to settle, and he slowly plods his way past the others and picks a parcel that abuts the newest home of the Cherokee people. Hatti makes peace with her new husband and their Indian neighbors as they help each other over and over again.

Can their marriage survive when Running Bear requests a considerable sacrifice from Oscar? Can the fragile intimacy that has begun between Oscar and Hatti survive three months of separation? Will her heart’s longings be finally satisfied with this new and unorthodox marriage? Will they love forever and always?

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Lynn has been writing Christian fiction for over twenty years. She founded the American Christian Fiction Writers. ACFW She’s been serving with her husband as a pastor’s wife for over 40 years. Together they have three children, one now lives in glory. And have eight grandchildren and recently became great-grandparents.

Her interests and hobbies apart from writing are genealogy research, and recently added gardening and raising some ducks, chickens, rabbit. Not to mention the family dog. She also likes photography and travel.

Oklahoma’s Land Runs began on April 22, 1889. There would be five land runs with the last one taking place on May 23, 1895. Each book in the series is set around one of these land runs.

You can find all twelve books in this series on Kindle Unlimited
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