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Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads. Today, we’re going to continue our visit to the Matchmaker’s Mix-Up series with author, Cat Cahill, and her book, William’s Wistful Bride, Book #9 in this fantastic set.

Can two mismatched hearts find love?

All Jenny Andrews has ever wanted is a family of her own. But since she can't have children, that dream has always been only a dream—until she asks Mrs. Sinclair's matchmaking agency to find her a widower in need of a mother for his children.

William Denzinger prefers the horses in his livery stable to children. Growing up on his own, he has little need for family. What he does need is a good woman to cook and to keep the books for his business, and so he requests a bride from a matchmaking agency. But when his new bride arrives, she isn't exactly what he had in mind—particularly when she takes in an orphan boy and requests William put young Charlie to work in his stable.

William finally acquiesces, and in return, Jenny tries to find the reason his books don't add up. Love slowly blossoms between them, and William begins to soften toward Charlie.

But what will he think when Jenny brings home an abandoned baby—and discovers who is behind the missing money in William's ledger books?

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William halted the horses and gestured at the house. “That’s mine. I can’t say it’s particularly clean inside, but I should have everything you need to keep house.”

“It’s absolutely perfect. Where are the children?” Jenny turned expectant eyes to him.

“Children?” He looked around. Not a child was in sight.

“Yes. The children I’m to help you raise. I can’t wait to meet them.”

His new wife appeared as if taking responsibility for a horde of children was the most wonderful thing she could imagine. William took off his hat and ran a hand through his hair, trying to figure out how she thought he had children. He certainly hadn’t mentioned any such thing on the form he’d filled out for the matchmaking agency. In fact, he distinctly remembered stating that he disliked children and didn’t wish to have any.

“Well, Miss—”

“You should call me Jenny. And I will call you William, unless you prefer Will or some other shortened name? We are married, after all, aren’t we? We can’t go about calling each other Mr. Denzinger and Mrs. Denzinger.” She laughed at her own notion, and William wondered yet again how she managed to approach life with such . . . zeal.

“Just, uh . . . William,” he said, trying to pull his thoughts together. “Jenny, I don’t . . . Why do you think I have children?”

She frowned for a second before it seemed she couldn’t keep her lips in such a position for too long and the smile came back. “Of course you do. I asked the matchmaker specifically to match me with a widower gentleman who had children that needed a mother. The more, the better!”

“I don’t know what happened,” he said. “But I most certainly don’t have children.”

A sunset. Snow on the mountains. A roaring river in the spring. A man and a woman who can't fight the love that pulls them together. The danger and uncertainty of life in the Old West. This is what inspires me to write. I hope you find an escape in my books!

I live with my family, a couple of dogs, and a few cats in Kentucky. When I'm not writing, I'm losing myself in a good book, planning my next travel adventure, doing a puzzle, attempting to garden, or wrangling my kids.

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It’s been my pleasuring hosting Cat on Romance Sweet Reads. I hope you’ll come back again soon.


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  1. I enjoyed this book and especially the way the hero evolved. I admit at times I wondered if he'd come around. But with his soft side, I kept reading and was not disappointed.