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Matchmaker’s Mix-Up Series to Date (Books 1 – 11)

Book #1 – Conner’s Contrary Bride, By Author Barbara Goss

“They were as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire.”

Elsie Crenshaw of Gobbler's Knob, West Virginia, runs from a cruel stepfather to take refuge with a widow who introduces her to a successful matchmaker. Elsie, having no family, feels the need of a protector after what she endured from her stepfather. Elsie gives the matchmaking ad a try.

Dr. Conner Van Beauregard Van Gates the IV, has lost his wife during childbirth. He lost his successful practice in Missouri and moves to Hays City, Kansas. After two years, he finds himself lonely and needing help running his clinic. His faithful housekeeper talks him into trying the matchmaking service.

How could either Elsie or Conner know a naughty cat messed up all the matchmaker’s matches? How could Conner put up with such a contrary bride? How do bank robbers and the evil stepfather bring them to realize opposites can attract?


Book #2 - Carter’s Klutzy Bride, By Author Marianne Spitzer

Carter Hanegan, retired bounty hunter and former sheriff, hangs up his guns for a quieter life as a Wyoming rancher. When he sees an ad for Agatha’s Matchmaking Service, he decides sending for a bride will complete his life.

Genevieve Szpica, close to being a spinster at twenty-six, worries about living life alone. Genevieve is a sweet young woman, but a bit clumsy, and her boss’ incessant hurtful remarks about her difficulties have made her the laughingstock of the men in town. Perhaps answering the ad from Agatha’s Matchmaking Service might be the answer to her loneliness.

Ada Louise Hanegan decides after the passing of her husband that life would be better if she lived with her son Carter at his ranch. She arrives with crates and crates of delicate china and precious breakables she claims she can’t live without.

Can love connect a henpecked son and a woman trying to overcome the shadow of town klutz, or will a spiteful, persnickety old woman ruin their chances for a happy future?


Book #3 – Brenden’s Bookish Bride, By Author Josephine Blake

Patient and quiet, Margarette Bates is accustomed to hard work. Her only distraction from the grim realities of the New York workhouses are the novels she has grown to love. When a chance comes for her own romantic escape to the wilds of Adoration, Oregon, she takes it without hesitation—only to find that her romantic hero-to-be is actually a perpetually irritated man well into middle age!

Horrified at their matchmaker's inexcusable mix-up, the two quickly strike a bargain—she’ll work as his housekeeper, and leave as soon as she can find another situation. However, love is determined to find Margarette within the city limits of Adoration, and if not with her new employer, might it be in the arms of his handsome son?

Henry Weller always intended to see to his father's happiness before his own, but when Margarette Bates arrives in Adoration...his resolve is put to an unexpected test. As his father's affection for the woman grows into something more serious, Henry must choose between a passion he never thought possible and the love of his own flesh and blood.

Can the bride that he intended for his father truly be meant for him?


Book #4 – Harvey’s Bashful Bride, By Author Krystal M. Anderson

In theory, sending for a bride through a Matchmaker was a sound plan. In reality, it couldn't have been more disastrous...

As Cottonwood Creek's newly elected Mayor, Harvey Dennett is in need of a bride. Utilizing Chicago's most successful matchmaker certainly seemed like the answer to all his problems, but when Martha, his wife-to-be, faints the minute she arrives, he wonders whether he made a giant mistake.

Bashful Martha, on the other hand, is happy for her change in circumstance but unaccustomed to the wilds of her new frontier home. When a string of robberies plague the citizens of Cottonwood Creek, Martha enlists the help of two stalwart friends to conquer the threat, endearing her to the people of the town. Will her efforts be enough to win the heart of her husband?

Book #5 – Matthew’s Wild Mountain Bride, By Author Lynn Donovan

D’Nisa McLeish must leave her home in West Virginia or else she’ll be forced to marry a man she cannot cotton to. She seeks Agatha Sinclair’s matchmaking service which has a reputation for excellent matches. D’Nisa is confident she’ll make a terrific wife for a trapper in the western Rockies. But can she manage to wear her first pair of shoes all the way to Colorado?

Matthew Strickland is from New York. Raised in a wealthy family, he enjoys the finer things in life. His father sent him to Cañon City, Colorado to oversee operations in a lucrative freight business. Freight transportation is more profitable than mining for gold or silver. But Matthew misses the civilized life of New York and longs for a refined wife who will take his mind off the wildness of the west.

How can these opposites find an amicable solution? What could possibly draw them together to be happy ever after?


Book #6 – Dalton’s Dual Brides, By Author Annee Jones

 A naughty cat…a mixed-up matchmaker…an outlaw’s ghost…and now dueling brides - what’s a cowboy to do?

1870, Wyoming Territory. Dalton Sweetland is one stressed-out cattle rancher. Notorious outlaw Butler Robb was recently caught following a life of crime spent stealing cattle, robbing stagecoaches, and committing murder. Right before being hanged, Robb uttered one final word… “Sweetland.” In the months since a rumor has popped up in a town that the outlaw buried his loot somewhere on Sweetland land. Multiple townsfolk are claiming they’ve seen Robb’s ghost wandering the property, purportedly to recover his lost gold. To make matters worse, Dalton’s ranch hands keep quitting out of fear of being accosted by the apparition, and Dalton himself keeps being accosted by mischievous young ladies wishing to marry him, find the treasure, and get rich quick. After Dalton’s brother suggests hiring a matchmaker to help him find true love, Dalton hopes the end of his problems is finally in sight. Little does he know…

1870, Chicago. Cleo the cat, after enjoying a bit too much catnip, lost her balance while prancing along the high bookshelf where Agatha Sinclair, matchmaker, keeps her files. While skittering down, Cleo’s weight proved too much for the flimsy wood and the structure came toppling over, sending Agatha’s papers flying. Nobody could blame poor Agatha for promptly having an apoplectic fit upon seeing the mess. Now her granddaughter, Maggie, is left with trying to sort out her grandmother’s matches. The files indicate that Dalton Sweetland was matched with a “J. Knight,” but Maggie can’t seem to locate the woman’s address to contact her. Hence, she takes out an ad in the newspaper looking for a marriageable lady named “J. Knight” who wishes to claim her ticket out West to meet her match. Much to Maggie’s distress, not one, but TWO Miss J. Knights come knocking at her door ready to claim the golden ticket.

Was Dalton matched with Jessalynn or Jenna? Maggie doesn’t have time to figure this out, so throwing up her hands, she apologizes for the mishap and agrees to foot the bill for both of them to take the stage to Wyoming.

May the best bride marry the cursed cowboy...

Book #7 – Ezra’s Forgetful Bride, By Author Christine Sterling

A woman needing patience. A man demanding perfection. Can a matchmaker's mix-up be exactly what these two need?

Kathleen O'Byrne hasn't been forgetful all her life. After an accident leaves her with a brain injury, her father hired a successful matchmaker to find Katie a husband. The man she needs to marry would be patient, kind and understanding. Not at all like Ezra Simmons who made her cry within ten minutes of meeting her. 

Ezra Simmons's life depends on accuracy and precision. He can’t have someone who makes mistakes in his small mercantile as it costs him money! When he hires a matchmaker to find him the perfect wife, he imagines someone beautiful and well versed in finances, inventory, and common sense. What he didn’t expect was a beautiful redhead, who would make a mess of Ezra’s orderly world.

How long can Katie pretend there is nothing wrong before Ezra sends her back home? When Ezra finds a letter from Kate’s father and he realizes he wasn’t her intended match, will he be able to let her go? Can a stickler shopkeeper find love with his forgetful bride?


Book #8 – Ryan’s Reckless Bride, By Author Laurean Brooks

Struggling rancher Ryan McKay needs a mother for his nineteen-month-old daughter. He requests a sedate, responsible young woman who thinks before she acts, unlike his deceased wife. She must be an exceptional cook and able to perform some

outdoor chores. To prevent temptation, Ryan hopes the woman is as plain as homemade soap, because their marriage will be in name only. When bubbly, petite Annalyn Pierce hops off the stage in her fancy ball dress, Ryan’s jaw drops. She’s way too pretty and her resemblance to his dead wife stuns him.

Annalyn will be thrown out of the house when her aunt dies, so she contacts Agatha Sinclair's Matchmaker's Agency to request a valiant cowboy. Annalyn is thrilled when the agency pairs her with a wealthy Texas rancher who wants to wed an attractive young woman who enjoys travel and adventure.

Ryan and Annalyn decide to wait 8 weeks to tie the knot, to ensure they are compatible. Ryan isn’t the exciting cowboy Annalyn requested, but she is drawn to his kind and patient nature.

After she burns two meals and almost sets the house on fire, Ryan suspects he was sent the wrong bride, but he’s already smitten with the vivacious woman whose bubbly personality makes him laugh again.

Fearing Ryan will discover she can’t cook a lick, Annalyn engages a neighbor to give her secret cooking lessons each day while he checks on the herd. But when Ryan rides in early and discovers the neighbor lady hiding in the barn, Annalyn’s secret is exposed and she loses Ryan’s trust. She sets out to regain it, but makes a reckless decision that endangers his toddler's life.

Will Annalyn's foolhardy act put her on the next stage out, or will Ryan open his heart to her, even though she’s not the sedate. responsible woman he requested? How will God turn a mismatched couple into the perfect match?


Book # 9 – William’s Wistful Bride, By Author Cat Cahill

Can two mismatched hearts find love?

All Jenny Andrews has ever wanted is a family of her own. But since she can't have children, that dream has always been only a dream—until she asks Mrs. Sinclair's matchmaking agency to find her a widower in need of a mother for his children.

William Denzinger prefers the horses in his livery stable to children. Growing up on his own, he has little need for family. What he does need is a good woman to cook and to keep the books for his business, and so he requests a bride from a matchmaking agency. But when his new bride arrives, she isn't exactly what he had in mind—particularly when she takes in an orphan boy and requests William put young Charlie to work in his stable.

William finally acquiesces, and in return, Jenny tries to find the reason his books don't add up. Love slowly blossoms between them, and William begins to soften toward Charlie.

But what will he think when Jenny brings home an abandoned baby—and discovers who is behind the missing money in William's ledger books?


Book #10 – Christopher’s Quiet Bride, By Author Lynn Donovan

Cora (Corey) Johanson is old enough to marry, but her extreme timidity prevents her from being courted. Her father asks for help from the well-known matchmaker, Agatha Sinclair, and is confident when a choice is made. Corey arrives in Colorado where she is swept off to the altar and married without uttering a word. Can she overcome her fear and learn to trust her new husband?

Christopher Walker has big plans for the 170 acres he bought. All he needs is a sturdy woman by his side. With Mrs. Sinclair’s help, his bride-to-be is on her way. She’s quiet, but that doesn’t bother him none, until he realizes she doesn’t speak at all. Now what? She’s anything but sturdy! How can Chris fulfill his dreams of building a legendary ranch with such a fragile wife?


Book #11 – Beau’s Elegant Bride, By Author Marisa Masterson

A cat, an accident, and a pile of mixed-up letters send a bride to a man she otherwise would never have met. Only time will tell if she and this new marriage can survive the match.

Francine 'Francy' Dinsmore loses the security she's always known with the death of her father. Life so far has treated Francy tenderly and expected very little from her.

Beau LeFevre abandons a hopeless future to venture west. The only thing he needs before he leaves is a wife. When the elegant woman arrives from the matchmaker, he marries her wondering all the while what made the matchmaker send this bride to him.

How can he make a marriage work with this spoiled woman? Life on the trail leads him to believe someone made a mistake!

Will this turn out to be a happy accident and a sound pairing with the only woman who can win his heart?


There you go ... you’re all caught up! You can find the entire series, all neatly packaged, on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. And, aren't these covers gorgeous? Thanks to Covers and Cupcakes!


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