Saturday, October 16, 2021

Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas ~ Series Introduction by Various Authors

Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads! Today, we’re going to take a quick look at the new series, Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas ~ twenty-one wonderful happily-ever-afters, spread out over the next two-and-a-half months for your reading enjoyment!

And—BONUS—the absolutely breathtaking covers were created by the mega-talented Virginia McKevitt of Black Widow Books.

About the Series

These lovely Mail-Order Brides have never known the joy of a real Christmas due to their circumstances in life. They struggle not only with the problems being a Mail-Order Bride can bring, but also with their perceptions of life and love.

However, as with any great romance, they will each get what they’ve always wanted...happiness...and even fall in love on their First Real Christmas.

All the books in the series are historical/western historical and set between the years of the mid-1800s through early 1900s. Each book will be available through Kindle Unlimited. Some, but possibly not all, will also be available in print.

You can find all twenty-one books listed on the Amazon Series Page

The Series Schedule & Authors

Oct 17 – A Christmas Coat for Abigail by Angela Lain
Oct 21 – A Christmas Child for Callie by Elissa Strati
Oct 25 – A Christmas Card for Krista by Linda Baten Johnson
Oct 29 – A Christmas Hope for Regina by Patricia PacJac Carroll
Nov 2 – A Christmas Kiss for Kate by Wren McCready
Nov 6 – A Christmas Comfort for Elsie by Regina Walker
Nov 10 – A Christmas Wish for Clara by P. Creeden
Nov 14 – A Christmas Star for Mae by Allyson Carter
Nov 18 – A Christmas Carol for Catherine by Cat Cahill
Nov 22 – A Christmas Hope for Hannah by Joi Copeland
Nov 26 – A Christmas Gift for Mary by Kandice E. Geddes
Nov 30 – A Christmas Tree for Trudel by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Dec 4 – A Christmas Candle for Eleanor by Regina Walker
Dec 8 – A Christmas Dance for Ella by Rachel Skatvold
Dec 12 – A Christmas Escape for Elizabeth by Joi Copeland
Dec 16 – A Christmas Dream for Destiny by Annee Jones
Dec 20 – A Christmas Magic for Merritt by Lorah Jaiyn
Dec 24 – A Christmas Wreath for Whitney by London James
And, because we can’t let go of this wonderful series, or blessed holiday, we've added a few post-holiday treats ...
Dec 28 – A Christmas Journey for Jessie by Farrah Lee
Jan 1 – A Christmas Baby for Beatrice by Nancy Fraser
Jan 5 – A Christmas Groom for Grace by Joi Copeland

~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for joining us today for the series overview. We invite you to come back every release day to get a sneak peak at the individual books, including exclusive excerpts available only here at Romance Sweet Reads.


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