Friday, October 22, 2021

A CHRISTMAS CHILD FOR CALLIE by Author Elissa Strati **Mail-Order Brides' First Christmas Series**

Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads! Today, we’re featuring the second book in the exciting new series ~ Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas ~ twenty-one wonderful happily-ever-afters, spread out over the next two-and-a-half months for your reading enjoyment!

Today’s featured story is A Christmas Child for Callie by author Elissa Strati.

Cover by Virginia McKevitt of Black Widow Books.

A childhood injury left Calliope Perkins with a limp and, the doctor told her, the inability to have children. But Callie yearns to be a mother.

Jacob Becker had three children but their mother died giving birth to the fourth—the son he had always wanted. No one can replace his wife, but the children need a mother.

Can the magic of Christmas heal two broken hearts?

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You can sneak a peek at Callie's story HERE!

I am an Army brat who has traveled extensively both at home (U.S.) and abroad (much of the world but not as much as I'd like!), seeing places, learning history, and, most importantly, meeting people. With all its travails, life is wonderful, God is good, and I am a Pollyanna. My clean, sweet romances, largely historical, western fiction, cross other genres with abandon as they spice and flavor my work. I am most easily reached, under my own name, on Facebook. (Truly, there is only one!) Hope to hear from you

Just in time for the holiday season, wonderfully romantic books from some of your favorite authors. A whole stocking full of heartfelt happily-ever-afters!

You can find all twenty-one books listed on the Amazon Series Page
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