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WINDOW OVER THE DESK by Author Liz Flaherty **Giveaway**

Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads. Today my guest is good friend and fellow author, Liz Flaherty. Liz is sharing her new release, Window Over the Desk, with us today. A follow up to her previously published, Window Over the Sink, it’s sure to be a great hit!
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“It’s about finding the good and enjoying it until you have to let it go. And then finding the good again.” - Liz Flaherty, Window Over the Desk

Being the certain age I keep talking about has taught me the truth of what I said in that quote. When my first book was published in 1999, I assumed the next one would follow right along. And the next, and the…well, you get the picture. However, the second one took four years, and I think the third one took four more.

Sometimes “finding the good” takes longer than you expect because you don’t know where to look. While my romance novels don’t always sell and come out when I’d like them to, my Window over the Sink essays have been a constant. Releasing them in book form have given me a new and—for me—exciting way to keep finding the good.

In 2020, I released the first collection of Window Over the Sink columns. It was for my family, really, and to give my own ego a boost. (Any writer who says she doesn’t need that now and then is lying, by the way.)

It was so much fun.

Which is why I decided to open the Window Over the Desk. My view out this particular window is a favorite—even today, when I’m drying…things…on the clothesline. Also today, the hay bales in the field that have given me pleasure for several weeks have been gathered and stored for the long winter.

I hope the essays in this book give you some pleasant reading time over that winter. I hope they make you remember things, laugh sometimes, and refill your cup and sit down and read “just one more.”

As I mention way more often than is necessary, I’m kind of old. The years have dimmed some reflections through the window, brightened others, and changed a whole bunch of them. What a trip it’s been.

Thanks—again—for joining me on the journey.

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The Woman in the Mirror

Do you ever feel as if you lost yourself somewhere along the way? If you’ve had a bad time or an extraordinarily good one, do you ever look in the mirror and wonder exactly who’s looking back at you? Because you’ve changed, and you’re not sure what to do with the person who’s there.

I’m feeling thoughty here—can you tell? I’m always, always whining about how much I hate change, yet when I look back—over bad times and extraordinarily good ones, it’s an ongoing cycle, isn’t it? It’s what keeps life new and interesting. And, yeah, sometimes awful.

But if it weren’t for change, and my kicking-and-screaming caving to it, I would:

Never have changed jobs and I’d have been stuck with working one I hated.

Never have married the man I did because he wasn’t the first person I loved.

I’d never have had a third child.

I’d have given up the first time a publisher said Nope.

Or maybe the second.

For sure by the twenty-third.

I’d have kept my hair short.

And let it go gray.

I’d still be writing longhand on lined paper and thinking I wasn’t good enough.

For anything,

So, no, I don’t always know the woman in the mirror, or, for that matter, the man I’m married to. I don’t always like either of us. There are days when I do feel like I’ve lost the person I was. Because I have. Because every re-invention in every time of life is change, it’s often hard, and it’s always necessary. I think maybe I like it.

Retired from the post office, Liz Flaherty spends non-writing time sewing, quilting, and wanting to travel. The author of 20-some books and her husband Duane share an old farmhouse in North Central Indiana that they talk about leaving. However, that would require clearing baseball trophies from the attic and dusting the pictures of the Magnificent Seven, their grandchildren, so they’ll probably stay where they are.

Giveaway: Liz Flaherty is giving away a Christmas ornament and a backlist paperback to a commenter who shares their favorite Christmas movie with us.

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It's been my pleasure sharing Liz's great new book with your today. Please come back again on Friday when we'll continue our feature on another great series of books.



  1. My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas. Thanks for the chance. Happy Halloween.

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  4. I think mine is Holiday. And I loved Window Over the Sink so I know I'm going to love Window Over the Desk! (Just downloaded it)