Monday, December 6, 2021

MAIL ORDER: LUCY by Author Marisa Masterson **An Imposter for Christmas Series**

I am very pleased to welcome author Marisa Masterson to Romance Sweet Reads to talk about her new book, Mail Order LUCY, part of the An Imposter for Christmas Series.

Disgraced and sent east to live with an old-maid aunt, Lucinda jumps at the chance to take Maggie's place. She'll marry a wealthy rancher, a dream come true.

A farmer and not a rich rancher waits for her. Anders Andersson expects a Swedish mail-order bride. Immediately, he senses that the beautiful woman who doesn't speak a word of Swedish hides more than one secret. No matter, he's anxious to marry her and desperately needs her help on the farm.

Isolated, will Lucinda discover who she really is as she pretends to be Maggie? What will happen when the real Maggie suddenly arrives at the farm?

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“Are you awake?”

Soft words. They did nothing to reassure her. Lucinda lay as stiff as the board separating the bed into halves. She licked dry lips and breathed out, “Yes.”

“Is it truly so terrible to share the bed like this?” His tone coaxed her to say it wasn’t. Lucinda found it impossible to answer him. At her continued silence, he tried again. “If ve’d married today, you and I vould be in bed together.”

“It’s okay for married people to do that. We’re not married.” She croaked out her reply. With all her flirty ways, she’d never been alone like this with a man.

He chuckled. “Ve can be, if that’s vhy you are upset. I’ll take you to town tomorrow.”

Lucinda shook her head. Silly thing to do, she realized. After all, with the board separating them and the dark, he couldn’t see it. “No, I think we should wait a bit.”

“Vill you leave if you aren’t liking the farm? You promised my cousin to marry me. Doesn’t your vow matter to you?” A hint of anger erased all humor from his tone.

“I-I don’t know.” Honesty. It was something new to her. She’d coyly told the men she’d flirted with anything that might please them such as false compliments. This man wanted her to fulfill someone else’s vow. Should she confess?

The smiling teacher-- That's what her students called her. Marisa spent twenty-two years teaching writing and literature, loving almost every minute of it. After a disability kept her from teaching on top of the desks, she wondered how she could still impact others.

Fast forward to 2021. After writing thirty novels and novellas, she loves the connection she has found with readers. In fact, she would love to connect with you as well.

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