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CRUISIN INTO LOVE by Author Stacey Haynes **A Summer Vacation Romance**

Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads! Today, we’ll be featuring Cruisin Into Love, by author Stacey Haynes, the eighth book in the new multi-author series, A Summer Vacation Romance. Sit back, enjoy a sneak peek at this sweet romance, and let’s see just how far we can arm-chair travel!

Smooth sailing on a singles' cruise… of course not.

Millie Henderson oversees many things, including making the final decision regarding designs, however, she won’t have the final say in this one. When another advertising agency starts the process to buy out her employer, Dream Novel, her job is in jeopardy. Now she has something else to worry about, the handsome man who has been watching her every move on the cruise.

Cameron Walker seems to have terrible luck, especially when it comes to women, that was why his billionaire father signed him up for the cruise. Getting away for a few days to meet a pretty lady was worth it. Cameron knew something could go wrong when he found out Millie was a perfect match for him. How long could he go without telling his secret and her not hating him?

If they want this relationship to work, they must cruise into love the right way.

Available exclusively on Kindle Unlimited

“Hey.” Cameron bumped slightly into Millie’s arm.

She turned quickly. Her face lit up when she realized it was him. That was hopeful, even though he spilled water on her earlier.

“Are you done with your date?” Millie looked around.

“I wish.” He chuckled. “It’s drinks time. What about you?”

“Oh, I need a drink for courage,” she replied. “But I don’t drink alcohol, so I will have a strawberry smoothie.”

“Nice choice. Why do you need courage?”

“Just activities that Brandon wants to do.” She handed the bartender some money.

“And you don’t want to do them?” That sounded a lot like his date. “I so understand.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” Millie said, moving closer to him. He could smell her fresh flowery perfume. “I really don’t want to be here.”

“On this amazing cruise?” Cameron lifted an eyebrow. “But there is so much to do and many people to meet.” His voice carried a tone of sarcasm.

“The cruise just came at a very terrible time right now. I am having a hard time concentrating and feeling the urge to meet people.” She picked up her smoothie. “Have fun with your date.”

“I doubt that will happen. I kind of don’t want to be here either.”

“Is that why you were late getting here?” Millie asked.

“Well, I was late getting here because someone took the closest parking stall.” He winked at her. “But, yes, partially. I couldn’t leave my job. I was finishing up an important document. In fact, it’s still not done. I brought it with me.”

“Ah, a workaholic. Maybe we should hide on the island to stay away from E-Match trying to find us a perfect match. We could hide from our work problems, too.” She looked over her shoulder at some other activities in the opposite direction. “I’d better get back. He needs to tell me more about himself.” She laughed. “Good luck, Cameron.”

Stacey Haynes has always enjoyed reading and writing romance stories beginning with her first story in 6th grade. Her dream had always been to have one of her books published. Stacey is now currently living her dream and has many books now published on Amazon as well as some she has co-authored with her sister, Marie Higgins. More books are lined up for the future to be published.

She considers herself a hopeless romantic and tries to find the best in others. She loves to write and do things with her family in her spare time to relax after a hard day at work.

Stacey lives in Utah, with her wonderful husband and three adorable children. She hopes to have more books published in her lifetime.

We hope you enjoyed your mini-vacation to one of our wonderful locales. Come back again soon to see where we’re going next. You can find the entire series exclusively on Kindle Unlimited.
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