Friday, October 7, 2022

PINE TREE INN by Author Nina Jayne (Christmas at the Inn - Book 1) **Book Birthday**

Welcome to Romance Sweet Reads. Today, we're beginning a peek at a brand new holiday series, Christmas at the Inn. A whopping twenty-one brand new romances from some of your favorite best selling and award winning authors.

Book 1 in this new sweet/inspirational contemporary romances series is Pine Tree Inn by author Nina Jayne. Enjoy!

Frozen hearts, a room mix-up, and a blinding blizzard conspire to throw couples together. Can they dig out of the past and find new love?

Aria just graduated with her MBA. With no job lined up and still stinging from the betrayal of her fiancĂ© two years ago, all she wants is a quiet Christmas at the Pine Tree Inn and to forget about life’s disappointments.

Nora is a 55-year-old widow who lost her husband five years ago. She’s looking for a quiet place to try and figure out the rest of her life without Robert.

Oliver and Benjamin Holt are a father and son spending Christmas at Pine Tree Inn to try and mend their broken relationship.

Four people, two suites, and hearts that are broken. Can a Christmas miracle heal their frozen hearts?

Available exclusively on Kindle Unlimited

Chapter 1

Aria Lawson placed her favorite sweater in the bag next to her cuddly, warm socks. When her parents had told her they were going to France for the holidays, Aria decided to celebrate getting her MBS by going to an inn in the mountains of Colorado.

While her parents took it as progress for their only daughter, Aria was taking the trip to sort out her life. Yes, she’d just graduated with an MBA, but she was between jobs, had no relationship, and needed to put her life in order. She felt like she was on a wild ride with no destination.

Gene had destroyed her life six months ago. It was on a Monday, and he hadn’t called her at all that weekend. Then the phone jingled the tune to the popular love song which now turned her stomach.

Aria cringed as the scene replayed. With a smile, she had answered, “Hey, Baby.”

“Aria.” Gene said her name as if she was a problem. “I have something to say. Something that’s been coming for some time.”

Despite the raw sound of his voice, Aria had convinced herself that he was going to ask the big question and set the date. He was just tired.

Hi reader friends. I am Patricia Carroll and I write Christian Contemporary Romances under the pen name of Nina Jayne. That was my mother's name and she was the one who taught me to read and love books. So in her honor, I use her name on my Contemporary books.

I am a Christian and blessed beyond my imagination. I live in Texas with my awesome husband who takes care of me and supports me in my writing.

I love stories that encourage and make readers happy. My stories are always clean and wholesome without sex and foul language. I hope to entertain readers and leave them with a sense of hope, joy, and warm hearts.

Twenty-one authors, twenty-one sweet contemporary romances all in one place!

Find the entire series on Kindle Unlimited


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